About us

We found our inspiration in the field of testing and automatization

The history of the KNT company began in 2008 when the first specially designed manipulator for the die casting production was made. Later the company oriented to the field of leak testing applications within the production of the aluminium die casted parts and parts made by plastic materials. Nowadays leak testing is the base competence of the company. It is formed by experienced engineers and technicians from different areas. We cover mechanical design and assembly of the machines. The electrical department is responsible for electrical design, electrical assembly and programming of the machine controllers. Our employees are regularly educated in the field of automatization and machine building. We invest into the development of equipment for leak testing and sensors for geometrical measurements of different parts.

Finding the solution in the field of complex leak testing problems and geometry measurement is our passion.


Jure Kokalj

managing director

Janez Kokalj

technical director