Leak testing

Tightness of the produced parts is becoming more important due to the constant growth of the regulations on the CO2 emissions. We are aware of this and we build our competence upon this field.

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Dimensional control

Dimensional control of the produced parts is one of the important aspects at the quality assurance process and providing the good process stability of the production.

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Marking of the semi-finished products is necessary to assure its the traceability trough the production and service process. Different marking technologies are used in our company.

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Supervisory modules

Our own developed and produced supervisory modules are used at smaller automatization tasks. They are based on the PC technology which assures a good quality to price ratio.

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Special machining devices

Special machining devices are often built as a preceding operation to the final automatic assembly. Mainly, the focus is put on drilling, milling or special machining.

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Smart assembly and robotics

Our automated assembly machinery are by a rule equipped with the sensors to supervise the seamlessness of the assembly tasks. Many times the robots are included as well.

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