We produce the tailored machinery for the leak testing of the parts made of different materials. The machine has an integrated clamping system, measurement module and the central supervisory and control module. Every machine is geometrically and processual adapted to the tested part and we use own developed clamping, sealing and measurement system. In agreement with the customer, we adopt the machine with the communication system to the higher level of the factory automatization.

Development and technologies

Detection by the pressure decay method

In the field of the leak testing of different parts, mainly the differential or absolute measurement method is used. Based on the demands and the cycle times times the decision about the used method is made.

Testing by the use of Helium

The Helium molecula is smaller than that of air, thus it make it possible to detect the extremely low leakage rate, which is not possible to detect it with the air pressure decay method. At this technology the concentration of the Helium within the time is measured. The tested part shall be well vented, tighten accordingly and then tested by special measurement units where the leak rate is measured. Based on the requirement of the test (cycle time, minimal concentration detected) additional vacuuming of the product prior to testing can be used.

Testing by water submerging

In order to define the right procedure for testing of the part, we use many times the water submerging technique to detect the part behaviour. Based on this test the optimal design solution for the clamping and sealing system is defined. We use our own developed water submerging equipment, which is adapted to our serial machinery.


We have developed our own testing module for the pressure decay measurement of the leakage. It is one of the key components of every leak testing machinery. It is controlled by the in house developed software, which runs on the modern industrial PC technology.Our measurement module can achieve more precise measurements and shorter cycle times.

Apart to the measurement modules we use our own developed geometry of the seals which assures the proper sealing of the part during the measurement of the leak rate. The seals are fully produced in house.

We constantly improve the clamping systems and the used construction materials. Based on the customer request, we can offer the clamping system as a separate machine component.